<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Mr Anil Singewar,Director Plant, ACC Bargarh unfurls the tricolour & inspects the platoon on Republic Day,Jan 26.Long Service  and Silver Jubilee awardees were honored on this occasion.</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Employee Engagement Survey.  Take Part. Survey Open for management staff from January 27 to February 20, 2015</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Employees at ACC Sindri Cement Works celebrate 66th Republic Day, January 26, 2015</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Team ACC Thondebhavi celebrates 66th Republic Day along with family members.</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Team ACC Chanda celebrates 66th Republic Day</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>ACC Jamul celebrates 66th Republic Day.Mr KK Rajeev, Director Plant unfurls National Flag, Inspects Parade, Presents Long Service/ Silver Awards to employees & distributed fruits at local hospital</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>ACC Gagal celebrates 66th Republic Day.  Director Plant Mr Rakesh Sinha with the team</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>66th Republic Day Celebrations at ACC Wadi Cement Works, January 26, 2015</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>66th Republic Day celebrations at ACC Chaibasa. Director Plant Dr. AK. Saxena takes the salute and addresses employees.</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Team ACC Damodhar celebrates 66th Republic Day</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Team ACC Lakheri celebrate 66th Republic Day. Mr & Mrs Umesh Pratap with participants of the cultural programme</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Team ACC Kudithini celebrates 66th Republic Day</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Team ACC Thondebhavi observes Road Safety Week, January 11-17. Variety of programs were organised to mark this event.</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Mr Nageshwara Rao, Director Plant & President, Sports Club, ACC Tikaria & Mrs Purnima Rao, President, Ladies Club, dedicated Cafe Coffee day machine in the Sport Club for benefit of club members</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Team ACC Wadi prepares for Republic Day Marathon</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>