<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Launch of Asaan Helpline at Thondebhavi by Mr. Amitav Singh, Director Plant and Mr. Harpal Singh, NIIT</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>ACC MD & CEO Neeraj Akhoury visits Jamul Cement Works along with Mr. Harish Badami, Advisor and Mr. Behram Sherdiwala, Chief People Officer</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Long Service Awards presented on January 26, 2017 at Chanda, Damodhar, Gagal, Jamul, Kudithini, Kymore, Lakheri and Thondebhavi plants</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>CMU Kymore and SU Bhopal finance team organised 'Kar ki Pathsahala' on GST at SMTI - Kymore.</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Glimpses of ACC MD & CEO Neeraj Akhoury's maiden visit to Gagal</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>National Road Safety Week celebrated at Tikaria Cement Works from January 11 - 17, 2017</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Glimpses of ACC MD & CEO Neeraj Akhoury's visit to the Gurdaspur Green Building Centre</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Kymore Cement Works awarded as '5 Star Rated Mine' by Ministry of Mines (GoI). Director Plant Mr. Sumeet Chadha receives the award from Mines Minister Piyush Goyal.</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Glimpses of the ACC Leadership Summit held in Lonavala on February 15-16, 2017</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>