<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Inauguration of Novelty Centre at ACC Lakheri by Mr Naveen Chadha, Chief Manufacturing Officer, May 16, 2016</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Launch of the Global Health & Safety campaign at all units, May 22 to June 5, 2016</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>ACC Chanda  Launched Global Health & Safety Days Campaign and Nukad on “I CARE, I SHARE, I ACT at the Gate Meeting, 23rd May 2016</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>At a Gate Meeting with Business Partners & Employees, Mr. Pankaj Sharma, Director Plant  ACC Tikaria shares the motto of the “Global health & safety days” “I CARE, I SHARE I ACT'</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Mr. Anil Singewar, Director Pant ACC Bargarh along with senior management team inaugurates the Global Health & Safety Days Campaign at the gate meeting, May 23.</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Training programme on Drill Operation at ACC Kymore Cement Works  by Mr.P.K.Panda , GM(Mining) RMMP & Mr. Abhay Pradhan , Atlas Copco from April 27-29.</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Team Chaibasa under the leadership of Director Plant Dr A.K. Saxena participates in the launch of Global H&S Days India Campaign by sharing their Individual Commitment towards H&S .</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>