<b><label class=preLoginTitle>ACC Customer Charter Roll Out at ACC Jamul, Feb 18 by Mr KK Rajeev, Director Plant with Mr Gautam Mukhopadhyay, Director Logistics, Mr HS Rathore, Head Operation,Mr S Sharma,Sales Head Raipur & Team</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>ACC Damodhar Ladies Club organised special dinner in honour of Husbands on 14th February 2015</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>ISO 50001:2011 Surveillance Audit conducted at ACC Kymore during Feb 17-18. Director-Plant Mr. R. S. Rathore with Mr. K. S. Deshmukh from Llyod’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd. and Team-Kymore</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>ACC Ladies Club Wadi organised Husbands' Dinner on 14th February</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>ACC Sindri wins Green Manufacturing Excellence Award from Frost & Sullivan. On behalf of Sindri Team,Tapendu Datta & Dominic Fernandes receive award</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>ACC Jamul Limestone Mines & Pathariya Mines wins 1st and 2nd Prize in “Overall Best Performance 2014' Category among highly and semi Mechanized Mines respectively during Annual Safety Celebrations</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>OH&S Pyramid Training Program at ACC Thondebhavi, February 12. Participants with Mr. Rajat Kumar Prusty, Director Plant and  Mr. Ranajit Kumar Maji, Regional OH&S Coordinator.</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>ACC Kudithini organized Community Support facilitation programme in Kudithini village, Feb 11.Mr S Vaishnav, Director Plant & Mrs A Vaishnav, President AHEAD & team arranged forBank linkages &training</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>ACC Gagal is awarded Safety Star for facilitating the OH&S Excellency Journey and distinctive performance in Safety.</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Team ACC Wadi prepares for Republic Day Marathon</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>