<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Workshop on 'Pro Wellness & Positive Health Option' conducted by Dr Meena Shah & Ms. Naini Shah from Medico Media at ACC Thondebhavi, September 1-3</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Community of Excellence in Education-Community Meet 2014 held at ACC Gagal. Mr Rakesh Sinha, Mr Rajinder Thakur with representatives of ACC DAV schools at Gagal, Wadi, Jamul, Chaibasa, Lakheri, Kymore</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Mr Manoj Kumar Jha, Director Plant, ACC Kudithini  was Chief Guest at Community Support Facilitation  programme.</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Community of Excellence -CPP Community Meet 2014 held at  ACC Madukkarai, September 1-2. Mr KK Rajeev, Mr Manoj Mishra, Mr Rakesh Modi and Mr Ashish Gupta with participants from all Power plants.</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>10 Days festivity of Shri Ganesh Pooja Utsav was celebrated with harmony & faith at ACC Chanda. DP Mr Manoj Mishra & Mrs Deepika Mishra and HPO Mr Shyam Vaishnav performing Aarti on Sthapna & Visarjan</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>Mr Gopika P Tiwari, Director Plant, ACC Jamul with newly recruited engineers,7th Batch of Apprentice training at ACC Cement Technology Institute, Jamul</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>
<b><label class=preLoginTitle>ACC Thondebhavi arranged sewing classes for community women. Director Plant, Mr R Prusty presents certificates to them on completing this training.</label></b><br><br><div class=preLoginDesc></div>